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Mother-to-Mother Mentorship Program

The Village of Healing Mother-to-Mother Program provides one on one direct support and mentorship to black mothers who are currently experiencing a maternal mental health complication (MMHC). 


Trained volunteers create a supportive healing environment where black women can receive resources and encouragement to drive their own engagement based on their individual needs and comfort level.


Developed through a partnership with Perinatal Outreach and Encouragement for Moms (POEM), participants talk/text, attend online and in-person support groups facilitated by trained black pregnant and parenting volunteers who look like them and share some of their same experiences. Volunteers have experienced and recovered from some form of maternal mental health complication.


They serve as models to recovery and inspire women in their own healing- Mother to Mother. 


Black Professional Women’s Group (BPWG)

Are you age 30 or over? Do you have a Bachelor's degree or higher? Join us via zoom every 2nd and 4th Thursday for our BPWG.


BPWG is a safe support space for professional Black women to be vulnerable, laugh and share experiences with other talented black women who look like them. The focus is on healing. 


An online therapist is present at each session as we encourage one another and dissect the intersectionality of being professional, Black and a woman. 


Meetings are held via zoom.
Registration is required.

For more information or to register, email us at:

Medical Team

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